6 Tips for Better Pet Photos with Santa

Oh, the infamous excursion to visit Santa with your pet! Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking for ways to make this year a better experience for you and your pet, you’ve come to the right place.

Try these 6 tips for better pet photos with Santa:

  1. Find a location that’s best for your pet
    Reach out to your local pet store or animal shelter. They’re a great resource to help you find where and when Santa pictures are being taken in your area, and they might even be able to recommend ones that donate the proceeds to charity.If it’s your first Santa photo experience, know that it can get quite busy – if your pet doesn’t play well with others you may want to take pictures from the comfort of your home instead.
  2. Get them ready to sit pretty
    Take the time beforehand to give your pet a bath, or better yet, take her out for an extra special day at the spa. If you’re adding a festive bow, hat or sweater to the mix, it’s better to wait until you’ve already arrived at your photo session before putting these on. If you’re pet doesn’t want to wear it, don’t force them – they’ll be much happier and less distracted without it.
  3. Tucker them out before you arrive
    A tired pet is a happy pet, so consider taking your dog out for a nice long walk or giving your cat some extra play time. Of course, try not to get too messy but do what you can to get them active before you arrive – you’ll both be happy you did.
  4. Be realistic
    Let’s be honest, not all pets are going to be naturals at getting their pictures taken…especially on the lap of a guy in a bright red suit and a fluffy white beard. It’s important to realize that what you’ve pictured in your head and what you see in print might be two completely different things. Your pet’s character is sure to shine through – look for it and smile.
  5. Bring a friend to help
    Ask a friend or family member to come along – an extra set of hands never hurts. While you’re busy signing paper work and paying for the photos, your friend can pay attention to your pet and keep them calm with all the excitement around them.
  6. Bribe with treats
    That’s right, don’t forget the treats! No matter how awesome your dog behaves at home, there will be a ton of distraction while you’re both waiting (im)patiently for your turn. Give your dog that added incentive they need to sit and stay, with a little bag of treats in tow.

Most importantly, don’t put too much pressure on your pet. They’re doing their best and they’re doing this for you, so have fun and make the best of it.

Happy Holidays!

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