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Why does my pet have Bad Breath?

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, occurs when plaque and bacteria build up in the mouth. As tartar and plaque accumulate on the teeth daily, oral bacterial populations increase.  These bacteria produce sulfur compounds that contribute to your pet’s bad breath and lead to progressive periodontal disease.  Therefore, if your pet has bad breath, they have periodontal disease that needs to be treated.

Periodontal disease is defined as inflammation and infection around the teeth.  If untreated, this leads to further infection, bone loss around the teeth, abscesses, mobile teeth, and other problems.  Not only does periodontal disease effect the teeth and mouth, but also impacts their overall health and longevity.  Chronic oral inflammation can contribute to liver, kidney, heart and other systemic diseases. 

Unfortunately, our pets are very good at masking signs of dental disease and oral pain.  They rarely express oral discomfort or pain associated with periodontal disease.  That often means periodontal disease is advanced by the time we start treating it.  Most dogs and cats have some level of periodontal disease by age 3.

Since oral health is of critical importance to the long term health of your pet, we at COAH are very committed to providing exceptional dental services. We offer free dental consult with a doctor to determine the appropriate dental treatment for your pet. In our newly remodeled facility, we have state-of-the-art dental stations and equipment. Our doctors, as well as many of our support staff members, have taken advanced training courses in the field of dentistry.  If a dental procedure is indicated/scheduled, the doctor, certified technician, and dental assistant work together to ensure your pet’s anesthetic safety and effective treatment of their dental disease.

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