To learn more about veterinary medicine topics, click on one of the recommended web sites listed below.  We recommend these sites because we believe them to be trusted providers of quality veterinary information for you to learn more about your pet’s health and well being.

Other important and informational sites for you to visit.

Animal Emergency Center

National Animal Poison Control Center

VPI – Veterinary Pet Insurance

HomeAgain – Microchip



366 NE Underwood Ave
Bend, Oregon 97701
Monday through Saturday: 8 AM until 6 PM
Lunch from noon ’til 1 PM

After Hours Emergency

Animal Emergency Center of Central Oregon

Monday-Wednesday 5pm-8am
Thursday 5pm-Monday 8am
Open 24 hours on Fri, Sat, Sun

Call them at:

Find them at:
1245 SE 3rd St. #C3
Bend, OR 97702