Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery at Central Oregon Animal Hospital

If you've ever had oral surgery, you were probably less than enthusiastic about having it done -- but relieved and delighted that the procedure fixed a nagging problem. Pets can benefit from oral surgery as well, and for many of same conditions suffered by their human owners. Any Bend veterinarian on our central Oregon Animal Hospital team will be happy to provide your pet with the highest standards of oral or dental surgery.

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When Pet Dental Surgery Procedures Are Recommended

Why might your best friend need to undergo pet dental surgery? a variety of problems could make chewing an agonizing experience, such as a broken tooth. Seriously damaged teeth are also an open doorway for infectious bacteria that can invade the teeth, the jawbone, and even the major organs. Oral cancer is another hazard that needs surgical attention before it can develop into a terminal condition. Our team can address these and other problems with procedures such as:

  • Tooth extraction - A tooth that is too far gone to be saved may need to be extracted. Tooth extraction is a straightforward procedure that can spare other parts o the mouth from long-term infectious complications. By removing a source of dental pain, we can also make your pet feel a lot better!
  • Oral cancer surgery - We can surgically remove a tumor to see whether it is malignant. If it is, we may also remove surrounding tissues to get the rest of the cancerous cells.
  • Trauma surgery - If your pet has suffered a broken jaw or acute traumatic mouth injury, we can perform surgery to help the injury heal normally.

Preparations for Your Pet's Procedure

Bring your pet in for a preoperative exam. While we examine your pet, we will advise you on how to care for your pet the night before and morning of surgery. Blood work and other diagnostics give us a clear picture of your pet's current state of health. This not only helps us perform the most helpful procedure possible, but it also enables us to prescribe just the right kind and quantity of anesthesia. 

Schedule an Appointment With Your Bend Veterinarian

Your Bend veterinarian at our clinic is ready to help your pet benefit from his dental or oral surgery procedure. Call our office at (541)-382-7067 for an appointment!

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