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Spaying and neutering pets is a procedure that all pet owners should consider. If you have a dog or cat, and you live in the Bend, Redmond, or Sunriver area, contact Central Oregon Animal Hospital to meet with our veterinarian for a consultation appointment for this important surgery. Our practice is equipped with digital ultrasound as well as tools for pet diagnostics to ensure your cat or dog is cared for with professionalism and the best of care. Here is some information about spaying and neutering so you understand the benefits and processes of this surgery before your pet visits our animal hospital.

You can give Central Oregon Animal Hospital a call to make an appointment for your pet if you live in the Sunriver, Redmond, or Bend area of our state.

Why Spaying and Neutering Is Important

Spaying or neutering will alter an animal to make them unable to reproduce. Since unwanted kittens or puppies are a big problem in our country, doing your part to help minimize the chance of your pet adding to the difficulty is important. Pets that are allowed to wander freely outdoors or that seem to stray away from home are vulnerable to becoming pregnant or causing another pet to become pregnant. 

What Are Some Benefits of These Procedures

In addition to stopping reproduction, spaying or neutering a pet will minimize the risk of them contracting cancer of reproductive organs. Pets that are altered are less likely to try to escape their homes in search of a mate. Aggressive behavior may decrease. Pets that have previously urinated in the home to try to mark their territory may cease from this activity after their surgery is completed. Many find that their pets will become calmer after becoming spayed or neutered.

What Happens On Your Pet's Appointment Day

Before your pet can be spayed or neutered, our veterinarian will request that you bring your animal to our facility for an evaluation of their health. This is best as it will alert our practitioner about any medical problems that require treatment so it can be done before surgery takes place. If your pet is not healthy enough for the procedure, our vet will hold off until your pet is medically cleared for surgery.

On your pet's surgical date, you will need to refrain from offering your pet food or water beforehand as general anesthesia will be administered. Our staff will alert you when the surgery is completed and our vet will provide you with post-operative care instructions when you pick up your dog or cat

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You can give Central Oregon Animal Hospital a call to make an appointment for your pet if you live in the Sunriver, Redmond, or Bend area of our state. We have digital ultrasound equipment, tools for pet diagnostics, and helpful vets on-site. We can be reached at (541)-382-7067 via call or text.

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