Pet Gift Ideas…Just in Time!

Christmas is only a few days away. Have you picked up something special for the four-legged members of your family?

Here’s a quick list of pet gift ideas to make your final holiday shopping days a little easier:

  • Holiday-themed toys
    Make sure these toys, especially stuffed toys, are made of durable materials that are meant to be chewed on. Avoid toys with add-ons like bells and fringe and check the seams carefully.
  • Holiday-themed treats
    Can we say candy-cane shaped rawhides and cookies? Just be careful about buying jerky-style treats as a jerky treat recall was issued earlier this year.
  • Homemade treats
    You’re not Martha Stewart? You don’t have to be! There are tons of biscuit treat maker kits on the market that will fool even the fussiest of pets into thinking you came straight from the gourmet treat shop.
  • Give the gift of warmth
    Keep your furry friend nice and cozy this winter with a soft and snuggly bed, sweater or coat.
  • Give the gift of friendship
    Feel like your pet needs a friend at home while you’re off to work every day? If you’re bringing a new pet into your home this holiday, please consider adopting first – many local shelter pets are waiting for people like you to welcome them into their forever home. But remember, pets are a big commitment, so think twice before gifting a pet to someone else.
  • Give them your time
    Really, what they want most is your attention. Give them extra hugs, walks and play time and they’ll be as happy as can be.

While you’re out and in the festive mood, why not stop by your local shelter to donate – money, supplies or your time. You’ll be giving a gift to many less fortunate pets who really need your help.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and enjoy every bark and meow!

366 NE Underwood Ave
Bend, Oregon 97701
Monday through Saturday: 8 AM until 6 PM
Lunch from noon ’til 1 PM

After Hours Emergency

Animal Emergency Center of Central Oregon

Monday-Wednesday 5pm-8am
Thursday 5pm-Monday 8am
Open 24 hours on Fri, Sat, Sun

Call them at:

Find them at:
1245 SE 3rd St. #C3
Bend, OR 97702